We are The China Box (TCB), a PR & media company based in Beijing. We help Chinese clients with PR, marketing, and media operations abroad. The China Box was founded in May 2014. Before this, our team member was involved in making the documentary “Chinese Cities”, which has been broadcast via SCOLA network in Iowa, USA since 1999. 1999 can be regarded as the beginning of the TCB team member working with foreign media, especially media from the USA.We cooperate with news sites, social media platforms, TV & radio stations, outdoor ADs, newspapers & magazines and so on worldwide.

We invite you to be part of our network. Companies or individuals are welcomed to join us if you have an intention and the resources to contribute for our clients.
For now, we particularly focus on worldwide press release distribution. We appreciate business insiders and experts reaching out to discuss possible cooperation with us.
Take a look below at our focus. We can contact you for quotations and services according to our clients’ needs. We can make the biggest use of China’s great market value together!

Press Release
Target Media
Social Media
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China has many companies, organizations, and even individuals with a strong wish to promote their names overseas. China has high-quality clients from different levels and industries. We are proud to provide them high-quality products and services by working with you!

Our team consists of senior media person, PR & marketing experts, and outstanding sales specialists.
Kino Gao, the founder of The China Box, is a media veteran with more than 25 years of experience in TV production & management, social media marketing, and PR fields.
Kino Gao holds a MA in Mass Communications. He worked for CCTV as a bilingual reporter and later moved to BON, in charge of a TV production department with more than 50 full-time media professionals, both Chinese and native English speakers.

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